Beyond the Score:New York Philharmonic's Upper West Side Experience

Experiencing a New York Philharmonic performance is a transcendent journey into the heart of classical music. It’s a marriage of masterful musicianship and a renowned repertoire. With the historic backdrop of New York City’s Upper West Side, it creates an unparalleled atmosphere of enchantment. 

If you’ve never experienced a New York Philharmonic performance, imagine this…

As the orchestra takes the stage under the majestic arches of Lincoln Center, audience anticipation builds. From the moment the conductor's baton descends, a symphony of sound unfolds, transporting delighted guests through the depths of emotion, the heights of passion, and the expanse of human expression. Each note resonates with precision and power, weaving a blanket of sound that stirs the soul. 

Whether you’re visiting the Upper West Side for the first time or consider yourself a veteran New Yorker, discover the realm of the New York Philharmonic. Experience the profound beauty of its music, the performance hall itself, and the enchanting delights that await you.

Discover the New York Philharmonic’s Latest Season

Every New York Philharmonic performance presents its own unique experience. Right now, the NY Phil is preparing for its latest season of orchestral gandure. “The Art of the Score” is a wildly popular program that converges the world-famous orchestra with film screenings - including one of the all-time greatest scores ever written for Broadway, West Side Story. Coming up closest is the wonderful E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial in Concert.

Incredible New York Philharmonic Performances to Experience

Explore the NY Phil’s entire calendar of performances. Choose one or all of these dazzling experiences that welcome stellar guests, world-class musicians, and new voices to the stage. There are a lot of things to do:

You can get your tickets and witness the enchanting splendor with Jaap at the helm, explore the matinee shows at the Kaufman Music Center in Merkin Hall or the Wu Tsai Theater, discover revolutionary talent among the next generation of classical musicians.

If your Upper West Side adventure is a family one, explore the full roster of family-friendly events and celebrate the 100th anniversary.

The NY Phil is celebrating the centennial of the 19th Amendment with Project 19, a commission of musical greatness by 19 different female composers.

Guests can also catch New York Philharmonic performances for free in David Geffen Hall. Select concerts will be live-streamed on the 50-foot Hauser Digital Wall for anyone to enjoy in the Karen & Richard LeFrak Lobby.

The Lincoln Center: An Enchanting Hub Of Performing Arts

The New York Philharmonic is just one of many performing arts residents at the iconic Lincoln Center. Come for the symphonies. But come back often to explore all the immersive artistic performances.

The center is home to many resident arts organizations such as The Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center, Metropolitan Opera and New York Public Library for the Performing Arts.

Experience The Appel Room

(formerly known as the Allen Room)

While every concert hall at the Lincoln Center is impressive, the medium-sized amphitheater known as the Allen Room is a true gem. Here, you’ll peer through a 50-by-90-foot wall of sheer glass at the beauties of the Manhattan skyline and Central Park. The acoustics are equally breathtaking. And this amphitheater seats just over 400 guests, adding to the more intimate feel. 

The Contributions Of The Chamber Music Society

The Chamber Music Society takes up residency in Alice Tully Hall, noted for its acoustic suitability for chamber music. This society performs, but it also educates and entertains with broadcast activities. As a result, this talented group attracts more audiences to chamber music than any other organization like it.

The Underground ‘Summer For The City’

The Underground is literally “underground,” situated below the Lincoln Center. The Festival Orchestra’s 2024 program has just been announced, with pre-sales and general sales coming up in May. The ensemble brings together world-class musicians, including brilliant soloists and chamber musicians.

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