T-Rex & Time Travel: The American Museum of Natural History

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During your New York City visit and fabulous stay at The Wallace, make time to explore the Upper West Side’s art, history, and culture. You can find all of the above at the American Museum of Natural History, where wonders are unveiled, transporting guests to other worlds and legendary historical moments.

From the awe-inspiring size and eminence of the Tyrannosaurus Rex Exhibit to the undersea enchantment of the Ocean Life Exhibit, experience the wonder first-hand.

The T-Rex, an American Museum of Natural History Gem

Take a walk down the Hall of Saurischian Dinosaurs to witness this rare find. Barnum Brown, one of the Museum’s most renowned fossil hunters, first made this T-Rex discovery in 1908. Once unearthed, this Montana skeleton revealed a “perfect” skull. It looms over Museum visitors today as one of its most famous specimens.

Explore the Hall of Human Origins

Another must-experience exhibit at the AMNH is the Anne and Bernard Spitzer Hall of Human Origins. Here, you’ll find preserved fossils, paired with comprehensive DNA research, to showcase a truly remarkable look at human evolution. 

Explore the wonders and displays of primitive humans in their natural habitats. Learn about the behaviors and capabilities of Neanderthals and Cro-Magnons. And witness important “casts,” including the “Turkana Boy,” dating nearly 1.6 million years old.

Guests of the AMNH can also see early artistic expressions. There is even an original limestone horse engraving that scientists believe is 25,000 years old.

Adventure to the Deep in the Milstein Hall of Ocean Life

During your visit to the American Museum of Natural History, make a point to roam the Milstein Family Hall of Ocean Life. Here, you’ll be fully immersed in the complex world of undersea life. One of the most celebrated displays is the 21,000-lb blue whale model that suspends majestically from the ceiling and measures 94 feet in length. 

Explore ocean habitats, both ancient and modern. Witness more than 750 different sea species. Learn impressive and mind-opening details with the Museum’s video projections, hands-on models, and ecosystem displays. You can even discover the bioluminescent fish and species that lurk in the darkness of the deepest ocean environments.

Go Underground with a Tour of the Mignone Halls of Gems and Minerals

The Mignone Halls of Gems and Minerals is another Museum must-see. Here, you will discover the fascinating history and unique diversity of the mineral species on our planet. From exquisite jewelry and tools to technological uses, browse the galleries of more than 5,000 gem and mineral specimens hailing from 98 different countries.

Add the American Museum of Natural History to Your Itinerary

Be sure to add a visit to the American Museum of Natural History to your New York City itinerary of things to do. It’s less than a mile from The Wallace, too! 

When planning your visit to New York City, elevate your experience by booking your stay at The Wallace.